Kik Updates to Do Group Messaging and Picture Sharing

Kik Messenger is fantastic. It's too bad RIM doesn't want to work with them to make the messaging app tri-platform, but the iPhone and Android versions both still work fine. The latest update (4.0) adds picture sharing, group chat and speed improvements. That's pretty great for a free app. [iTunes via Mashable] » 3/07/11 7:36pm 3/07/11 7:36pm

RIM Sues Messenger App Kik For Patent Infringement

Kik, the got-very-popular-very-fast cross-platform messaging app, was booted from BlackBerry's App World because of a breach of "contractual obligations," presumably breaching an obligation not to drive people away from BBM, RIM's own messaging platform which they hold near and dear to their hearts. Now RIM's saying… » 12/01/10 12:08pm 12/01/10 12:08pm