This Folding Multitool Has a Zoo Full of Adorable Animals Hidden Inside

Knives and pocket tools aren’t supposed to be play toys, but at some point you need to teach your kids how to safely use them. So why not start with Kikkerland’s Animal Multitool that features seven functional elements, but also unfolds into a bunch of adorable little animals? »11/10/15 7:30pm11/10/15 7:30pm


A Mona Lisa Wall Clock That Reconstructs the Masterpiece Over Time

There's a good chance that more people would 'get' and maybe even learn to appreciate art if it did something more practical for them. Van Gogh's Starry Night could serve as a nightlight, for example, and Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon could double as an air freshener, just like DaVinci's Mona Lisa is now a functional… »11/06/14 5:00pm11/06/14 5:00pm

A Clever Perpetual Calendar That Hides a Secret Compartment

We’re still a few months away from a NYE countdown, but stores have already started stocking up on organizers to help us keep our collective 2014s in working order. If you’re keen to have an analog, desk-side reminder of days and dates and *also* need a spot to stow keepsakes and special papers, well—you’re in luck,… »10/18/13 5:40pm10/18/13 5:40pm