Go Install This Chrome Extension For Sending Self-Destructing Gmails

Gmail’s Undo Send feature gives users of Google’s free email service up to 30 seconds to change their mind on a sent email before it leaves their outbox. But a new Chrome extension called Dmail lets you send messages with a self-destruct timer—or the ability to remotely delete them whenever you want. »7/24/15 5:01pm7/24/15 5:01pm

Snapdragon 810: Your Next Phone's Brains Are Way More Than Just Fast

A new year means a new flagship smartphone brain, and Qualcomm has detailed some of the most fun features of its upcoming Snapdragon 810 chip, which will start popping up in Android and Windows phones next year. It's faster, and it supports better graphics sure, but it also has other tricks up its sleeve. Here's what… »12/12/14 9:00am12/12/14 9:00am

How to Disable the App Store Kill Switch Using Your Jailbroken iPhone

Stephen Colbert spoke »8/17/08 8:00pm8/17/08 8:00pm, and the people listened: The kill switch that lets Apple on your iPhone can be disabled with the push of a button. All you need is a and the updated BossPrefs app found on Cydia. Simply choose "Disable Apple App Killswitch" in BossPrefs and Bob Barker that puppy into oblivion. This isn't the…

60 Million Apps Sold at iTunes Store, There is a Kill Switch, Says Steve Jobs

It's been a month since the iTunes App Store went live, and in an interview with the Wall St Journal, Steve Jobs has put the apps downloads figure at over 60 million. With the mix of free and paid apps, that brought Apple around $30 million. That's obviously encouraged Steve: He's enthusiastic that maybe "it will be a… »8/11/08 4:09am8/11/08 4:09am