This bastard kills more humans than all the deadliest animals combined

This little bastard is the deadliest animal in the world, with an estimated 750,000 human deaths every year. According to this great visualization posted by Bill Gates, mosquitoes kill 163,780 more humans than all the other "dangerous" animals combined, including sharks, snakes, and humans—the second deadliest animal. » 4/28/14 7:37pm 4/28/14 7:37pm

Blu-ray Player Sales Up 600 Per Cent, According to UK Online Retailer

Stuart Rowe, COO of play.com is claiming that sales of Blu-ray players have increased seven-fold since Toshiba announced it was cutting and running from its HD-DVD format. The UK-based web retailer sold more Blu-ray players on Tuesday than it has in the whole of last week, and was the first to react to the Toshiba… » 2/21/08 7:26am 2/21/08 7:26am