Your Kindle NY Times Subscription Finally Gets You Free…

As it was promised, so it has been given: those who (totally inexplicably) subscribe to the New York Times on their Kindles now have carte blanche access to the Grey Lady's website. Congratulations! Although honestly why weren't you just doing this the whole time? » 7/07/11 2:04pm 7/07/11 2:04pm

Kindle NY Times Subscribers Get For Free

If you subscribe to the NY Times on your Kindle for $20/month, first of all stop that! Must be a terribly frustrating experience. But also good news: your e-ink subscription has granted you entry past the homepage paywall, and you can surf the Grey Lady at will. Which basically just means that Kindle pricing and tablet … » 3/28/11 7:06pm 3/28/11 7:06pm