This Genius Kinect Rig Puts You Inside a Video Game in Two Minutes Flat

What if, the next time you played a video game, the main character not only looked like you but had the same body, same clothes, same everything? How would it change the way you related to the game? How would it change the way you relate to the other characters in it? I found out. » 2/11/14 1:00pm 2/11/14 1:00pm

This amazing magic eye music video hides fun secret moving images

Remember how frustrating those Magic Eye images were when you were a kid? It seemed like everyone but you could see the hidden message. Until you figured it out and rubbed it in everyone's face that they couldn't see it. This video by Young Rival is just like those Magic Eye pictures only it turns the whole hidden… » 1/31/14 8:06pm 1/31/14 8:06pm

Microsoft's Building Smart Elevators That Know When You Want to Get On

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart home appliances. Why not smart elevators? That's the question Microsoft asked—and then answered, by putting a Kinect camera in an elevator, training it to recognize when people want to get on, and teaching it to open the doors automatically when needed. Smart, indeed. » 1/22/14 6:40pm 1/22/14 6:40pm

A Handy List of All the Ways to Shout and Wave at Xbox One

One of the coolest/creepiest features of the Xbox One is its ability to obey your spoken and flailed commands. But which speaks and flails will it understand, and which will be met with a blank Kinect stare? Don't spend all Thanksgiving weekend trying to figure it out; just consult this handy chart from Microsoft's own … » 11/26/13 2:49pm 11/26/13 2:49pm

Confirmed: Apple Bought the Company That Made the Original Kinect

Your iPhone could be getting some serious new capabilities soon, following the news that Apple has acquired the 3D-sensing technology company PrimeSense. This is the same Israeli company that built the original Microsoft Kinect sensor. But that doesn't mean Apple's planning an Xbox competitor anytime soon. » 11/25/13 10:42am 11/25/13 10:42am

Kinect-Powered Security Cams Can Tell If You're Fighting

The skeletal recognition tech behind Kinect is useful for way more than just gaming. It's good for sign language, cheating at pool, and (duh) porn. But it could help stop violence, too. Thanks to Kinect, security cams could automatically know if they're witnessing a beat-down. » 11/11/13 1:40pm 11/11/13 1:40pm

This Simple Accessory Blinds Kinect and Solves Your Privacy Concerns

The Xbox One's original requirement for the Kinect 2.0 sensor to always be connected and active led many gamers to raise concerns about their privacy. Microsoft eventually caved in on that requirement, but anyone upgrading to the new Xbox One now has an absolute guarantee that the Kinect 2.0 sensor won't keep tabs on… » 10/28/13 9:40am 10/28/13 9:40am

Kinect 2.0 Sees Your Face, Muscles and Soul. Maybe Not That Last One.

At-home motion capture. Heart rate detection. Compatibility with smaller spaces. Microsoft has been promising impressive things about the new iteration of Kinect, which they kind of have to do seeing as how they’ve made it a mandatory part of buying an Xbox One. Now they’re trying to show you how the motion-sensing… » 10/03/13 4:20am 10/03/13 4:20am

Microsoft: Xbox One and Kinect Will Definitely Not Be Sold Separately

Microsoft has had an indecisive month or two recently, contemplating a series of U-turns in its attempts to compete with the forthcoming PlayStation 4. But now, it seems to have settled on a final decision about one of the most controversial flip-flops: every Xbox One WILL come with a Kinect. » 8/22/13 3:42am 8/22/13 3:42am

Kinect No Longer Mandatory For Xbox One (But Will Still Come With It)…

Another backflip? Back in May, Microsoft said that you'll need have the motion-sensing Kinect plugged in at all times in order for your Xbox One to function, but now they're reversing course once again. » 8/12/13 5:51pm 8/12/13 5:51pm