Brando KingMax USB 2.0 Super Stick: World's Smallest Flash Drive?

Brando says that its KingMax USB 2.0 Super Stick is "probably the world's smallest flash drive." We know that Sony makes some Micro Vault Tiny drives that are even smaller than this, but still, four gigs fitting into a package that's less than 3.5 inches centimeters long is remarkable in our book. » 3/15/07 11:45am 3/15/07 11:45am

Kingmax Announces 4GB Capacity on a Tiny MicroSDHC Card

Kingmax has discovered how to make twice as many fairies dance on the head of a pin, shoehorning 4GB of data onto a microSDHC flash memory card, a first. This is simply amazing. Just look at that size comparison I've made above—a credit card looks like it's the size of a billboard next to a microSD card. When you hold… » 1/18/07 11:50am 1/18/07 11:50am