The Extraordinary Restoration of a 1920s Temple of Cinema

A little over a year ago, I visited the restoration of the run-down King's Theater in Brooklyn. Its moldy walls were being gutted, and what remained intact was being made into molds. The entire main stage and audience seating was filled with scaffolding. But today, fast approaching its deadline, the theater is coming… »10/03/14 2:28pm10/03/14 2:28pm

Inside the Restoration of Brooklyn's Glamorous Temple of Cinema

Kings Theater, in Flatbush Brooklyn, is more like a palace than a theater. This 1920s building dates back to a time when seeing a movie was an event—and both the people and the architecture was gussied up accordingly. Kings deteriorated quickly when in closed in the 1970s—but now, a small army of specialists is hell… »9/13/13 12:40pm9/13/13 12:40pm