Seeing strangers take off each other's clothes is quite awkward

Here's the official, anted up sequel to First Kiss, called Undress Me, which means "strangers" are taking off each other's clothes now in a video to promote the new season of Masters of Sex. It doesn't quite have the well acted charm of the original and you feel more like a voyeur this time around but watching… »7/10/14 11:00pm7/10/14 11:00pm

Watching complete strangers kiss for the first time is really beautiful

Um, wow. I don't know if it's the song selection or because it's in black and white or the fact that everybody in this video is so attractive, but what started out as incredibly awkward—seeing two strangers meet each other and kiss—turned into something pretty damn beautiful. The premise of the video, called First Kiss »3/10/14 9:50pm3/10/14 9:50pm

Seeing a kiss from inside the mouth is pretty damn gross

Yikes. Never kiss anyone again, people. Because while you're politely closing your eyes and giving someone a smooch, your slimy mouth is inhaling another set of lips in what looks like squirmy worm sex on a stained enamel bed. It's gross. So gross. Okay, maaaybe a little bit sexy in a vomit-inducing, I feel weird sort… »2/06/14 7:59pm2/06/14 7:59pm

Send a Kiss to Your Loved One Online, and Feel Them Kiss You Back

For some people, this Kiss Transmission Device is the closest they'll get to the real thing—so please people, try to curb your snark for a few minutes while I tell you about how the Japanese devices link up over the internet, replicating the users' manipulation of the straw-like tool in their mouth. The person on the… »5/02/11 11:00am5/02/11 11:00am