We Tried the Disposable Coffee Lid of the Future And It's Actually Great

For all our crippling caffeine addictions, the disposable coffee cup is a highly imperfect art at best. Seattle-based company Vaporpath wants to change that with a total coffee cup lid overhaul. But is the fancy new redesign actually superior to its classic brethren? We decided to find out for ourselves. »7/09/14 3:00pm7/09/14 3:00pm


Self-Stirring Cup of Tea Puts My Left Hand Out of a Job

In GizmodoWorld, no one loves a cuppa quite like I do—although the amount of times I go to the kettle each day is giving me RSI. Anyways, two French guys have designed a cup of tea that stirs itself. Simple in its design, all you need do for it to work is channel your inner Cognac-drinker, swilling the liquid around… »4/17/08 4:42am4/17/08 4:42am

Dough-Nu-Matic Mini Doughnut Maker is Fun for Your Arteries

The Dough-Nu-Matic may have a stupid name, but its saving grace is its fantastic use—it produces mini doughnuts! Mini doughnuts, we tell you! Is there anything cuter than edging your way to myocardial ischemia, one minuscule, bite-sized snack at a time? We think not. The device contains an enclosed oil fryer, which… »10/14/07 1:15pm10/14/07 1:15pm

"Design Object" Single Serve Coffee Maker; Translation: It's Small and White

The WMF 1 is a coffee pad/pod/whatever-based single-serve coffee machine, which integrates your cup into its minimalist cubic design that's not much bigger than a couple of books. The cliche Mac-whiteness can be livened up with your choice of four colors for the lining. Exciting, I know. After dumping in the water and… »5/01/07 8:15pm5/01/07 8:15pm