Watch this guy jump over an entire island while kitesurfing

I'm fairly certain that the idea of jumping over an island has never crossed my mind in all my years of thinking. But if you're a champion kitesurfer like Youri Zoon and you stumble across a small enough island, well, that's just another day on the beach for you. Jumping the damn thing and nailing it is just how you… »5/23/14 11:23pm5/23/14 11:23pm


Kite Surfer Goes Out During Tropical Storm, Learns Valuable Lesson About the Power of Nature

Kite surfing is a fun sport that involves using a large kite and a surfboard to get a lot of speed up on the water. It's like wakeboarding without a boat. Naturally, you need a decent amount of wind for it to work properly. There's a limit to how much wind you should use, however, as a dimwitted kite surfer discovered… »8/19/08 3:59pm8/19/08 3:59pm