Super-Sleek Aurora Open Source DJ Mixer Can Be Built From a Kit

We love open source hardware, especially when it can throw some MIDI flange and fade into your party like the Aurora-a dual-channel, USB-powered DJ mixer. All the schematics, bills of materials and source code can be nabbed for free online, or you can have one built and shipped. And it can pull off a pretty mean LED… » 7/09/08 6:00pm 7/09/08 6:00pm

RoboPhilo: A Humanoid Robot for Less Than $500

If you have always been interested in humanoid robotics, but found the price of entry to be a little more than your budget could handle, the RoboPhilo may be the solution. Designed for the entry level enthusiast, the RoboPhilo packs the functionality of more complex and expensive robots into a much more affordable… » 10/12/07 2:50pm 10/12/07 2:50pm