Let Your Hello Kitty Watch Be All It Can Be

On its own, the Hello Kitty McDonalds watch is yet another landfill-bound plastic chotchke. Not very green thinking. Luckily, Instructables has put together a handy how-to for turning yours into a cool custom timepiece. » 2/25/09 8:20pm 2/25/09 8:20pm

Kitty Cat Hitches Ride on Back of a Roomba

If there's anything that makes me squeal like a little girl on a pixie stick high, it's watching videos of pets playing with gadgets. This little kitty uses the family Roomba as its own amusement park ride, presumably vacuuming up the mess it sheds everyday on the side. I'm not sure how they managed to get it so… » 11/18/08 10:50pm 11/18/08 10:50pm

Glamorous Cat Wigs

Does your cat have a hair problem? Thinning, balding, graying hair? We'll then, we have the product for you. Kitty Wigs. Yes, thats right, Kitty Wigs, the only wigs for your feline companions. With models ranging from pink passion, bashful blonde, silver fox and electric blue, your cat will be the talk of the town.… » 1/07/08 11:33pm 1/07/08 11:33pm

Kitty Corner Shot Rifle: If You See Toonces With an Unusual Glint In…

Weapon tech fans or Ghost Recon fanatics will remember the the corner shot rifle » 12/25/07 6:00am 12/25/07 6:00am. This mod has the same camera, LCD and hinge that lets a soldier shoot around building edges without getting in the line of fire. But this one is wrapped up in a cat suit, just like the one that used to drive the car in Saturday Night…

Kool KITTY Keyboard Kontraption

No we aren t talking about the fact that cats love to lie on top of keyboards (cat owners know what I'm talking about) but this is a revolution in wearable input device technology. KITTY TECH, the manufacturer, is an acronym for Keyboard Independent Touch Typing Technology and if it is kitty-related we here at Gizmodo… » 11/12/05 9:36am 11/12/05 9:36am