Amazon Is Hosting A Robot Contest to Find Its New Employees

Some companies view their employees as an asset; Amazon views them as a problem to be disrupted along the path to perfection (and cheap 2-day shipping on paperbacks). The latest ambition is to replace Amazon's legion of shelf-picking drones with actual robotic drones. » 3/26/15 12:30am Thursday 12:30am

The Nutcracker March As Performed By Warehouse Automation Robots

Seeing as we don't specialize in moving boxes around in a gigantic warehouse, we're less than familiar with KIVA Systems and their little orange go-bots. However, when you program anything mechanical to dance to the The Nutcracker March, our interest goes through the roof. What can we say, we love ballet—not to… » 12/17/07 6:30pm 12/17/07 6:30pm