Japan Confirms Kizuna Satellite Internet Is World's Fastest, Blows Our Crappy Broadband Away

Generally speaking, the state of broadband in the United States sucks. Hard. You know what sucks harder than your crappy DSL line? Satellite internet—it's stupid expensive and super slow. Except in Japan. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency is reporting that their tests of the world's fastest satellite internet »4/09/08 3:10pm4/09/08 3:10pm


Japan's Kizuna Satellite to Beam Souped Up Internet Connection Back Home

Japan is launching the Kizuna satellite, which will bring high-speed internet access to Japan's remote territories and neighboring countries, as well as providing continuous networking in case of emergency. The $342 million project, spearheaded by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and the Japan Aerospace Exploration… »2/24/08 8:00pm2/24/08 8:00pm