DigiFi Digital Opera Earphones Use Wireless Kleer Tech

DigiFi's new Digital Opera headphones use the high-efficiency, high-quality Kleer wireless tech to get your tunes from your iPod to your ears. We're also digging the neat over-ear design with curly cable, which looks like it'll be good non-tangler, and the fact that up to four people can listen to the same feed, as… » 5/01/08 7:49am 5/01/08 7:49am

Sennheiser MX W1: First Wireless Stereo Earphones Using the Kleer…

Kleer wireless technology has shown promise in terms of both energy efficiency and sound quality when compared to Bluetooth, which is why some may find these new MX W1 earphones from Sennheiser appealing. The device allows users to enjoy clear, completely wireless audio from any Kleer-based portable player — unlike… » 1/04/08 2:22pm 1/04/08 2:22pm

Kleer Audio Transmission 10x Energy Efficient as Bluetooth

If you thought your Bluetooth A2DP Stereo audio streaming to your speakers were cool, Kleer has a wireless audio solution that's supposedly 10x as energy efficient. Kleer Wireless Audio also uses the clogged invisible tubes that is the 2.4GHz spectrum, but is designed to work with home theatres and car audio… » 12/08/06 6:55pm 12/08/06 6:55pm