These Beastly Klipsch Speakers Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

Airplay is the best way to get quality wireless audio into your home. Klipsch makes some fine-sounding Airplay products, including the G17 Airplay Speaker, which is packing some great internals. It's got four speakers total: two 10-watt tractrix horn tweeters, and two 20-watt woofers. And since it's an Airplay… » 11/08/12 3:00pm 11/08/12 3:00pm

Klipsch Headphones Are Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

Let me guess: you're still using the stock earbuds that came with your phone. Don't deny it, I see you every day, on the bus and train, listening to white cords coming out of your ears. I get it—they were free, and they were convenient, and you haven't gotten around to upgrading. But you should know that they don't… » 10/22/12 3:00pm 10/22/12 3:00pm

Shuffle-Compatible Headphones Trickle In From Etymotics, Klipsch, Monster and Scoche

We're just starting to get word on Shuffle VoiceOver-friendly headphones coming from third-party manufacturers. In addition to the news we've already seen from Scosche, there's a $100 pair from Klipsch, and we're being told that there will be more announced from Monster and Etymotics shortly, if not already. Shure… » 3/12/09 1:58pm 3/12/09 1:58pm

Ultimate Cut-The-Crap In-Ear Headphone Battlemodo

Why do music lovers put up with cheap stock earbuds? You've spent hundreds of dollars on an MP3 player then effectively nullify your investment with headphones that suck the soul out of the music that you love. Choosing a higher-end set of earphones is almost impossible, since there are way too many, and they are… » 8/07/08 2:00pm 8/07/08 2:00pm

Klipsch Image X5 Earbuds Are 2mm Bigger Than Smallest Earbuds

These Klipsch Image X5 are the follow-up to the original Klipsch Image headphones, which were the smallest in-canal earbuds ever. The originals are now X10s (top), which are 2mm smaller than the slightly beefier X5s (bottom). The buds still have Contour Ear Gels and noise isolation, but cost $250 as opposed to the… » 6/04/08 5:00pm 6/04/08 5:00pm

Klipsch IMAGE Earphones, World's Smallest Are Almost Too Small

We got a close-up look at those super-tiny Klipsch IMAGE earphones today, and we're here to tell you, if these aren't the smallest phones in the world as Klipsch claims, any smaller ones would be invisible. Their earpieces are the size of the smallest kernel of corn you've ever seen. We're hoping to get a test listen… » 9/07/07 2:37pm 9/07/07 2:37pm

Klipsch IMAGE Are the Smallest In-Canal Earphones Yet

Since I have gigantic wax-magnet ear canals, I'm probably the wrong market for these Klipsch IMAGE in-ear earphones. They're the smallest, lightest in-ear buds you can get (claim by Klipsch so far unverified), but will cost you $349 for the pleasure of having a pair made out of aluminum and copper. We're not sure how… » 8/30/07 4:20pm 8/30/07 4:20pm