Your Baby's Klout Score Is in the 25th Percentile

As you know, we took a lot of measurements this morning—height, weight, head circumference—and in most respects, your baby is doing great. There's just one thing, and it's not necessarily something to be concerned about, but we do need to talk about it: Your baby's Klout score is in the 25th percentile. »4/08/14 12:00pm4/08/14 12:00pm


Can A Dumb Social Media Tool Turn This Chump Into the Internet's Top Mom? (Updated)

There are a lot of services that purport to measure your online influence. Klout, Kred, and PeerIndex will slice and dice your social media presence, and turn you into a number. The higher your number, they argue, the more influential you are. It's bullshit. But it's bullshit that's increasingly accepted a serious… »3/28/12 3:20pm3/28/12 3:20pm