Dash Navigator Now Open to 3rd Party Apps

The eagerly anticipated Dash connected GPS navigator just made another extreme promise, offering third parties a chance to develop for the system. The example Dash uses is the real-estate value database Zillow—you can use the tool to check values of homes in the vicinity, as you see in the above pic. Dash will also… » 10/19/07 9:56am 10/19/07 9:56am

GPS Coolness: Downloading Suunto and Garmin Forerunner Data into Google…

The exploitation of Google Earth continues, and now Suunto is offering a free application that converts GPS data from its X9i GPS watch into Google Earth files. The downloadable Suunto Track Exporter software lets you place the GPS data you've recorded onto a Google Earth map, showing you exactly where you've gone.… » 12/13/06 8:37am 12/13/06 8:37am