You'll Soon Be Able To Use K'NEX To Build Your Own Custom Dart Guns

How many times have you found yourself playing with a Nerf gun and thought you could come up with a cooler design? That dream will soon be a reality according to the folks at Blaster Labs because at some point this year K'NEX will be releasing new building sets that let you design and construct your own foam dart… » 1/08/15 12:07am 1/08/15 12:07am

A Giant Kinetic Installation Made From 48,000 Pieces of K'NEX

If an upcoming flight stopover has you visiting Philadelphia's International Airport, you might want to head over to Terminal A-West before the end of October this year. Because instead of killing time reading a magazine, you can stare in awe at this impressive 48,000-piece animated art installation made from K'NEX. » 5/14/14 12:20pm 5/14/14 12:20pm

This Insane Pinball Machine is Made Only from K'Nex

Everybody wants a pinball machine of their own, but the problem is that those suckers tend to be pretty expensive. There's a way around that though, if you're determined enough; build your own out of K'Nex. The results can be pretty awesome. » 10/14/12 9:00am 10/14/12 9:00am

Room Sized K'NEX Calculator

The best thing that I can remember making with K'NEX was a ferris wheel, and I followed a set of directions. However, a couple of engineering-crazed kids from Olin College have devised a gigantic K'NEX Binary calculator that can add or subtract numbers as high as 15 (That's way more impressive than it sounds). » 7/02/07 11:05pm 7/02/07 11:05pm