SenseSurface: Stick Real Control Knobs On a Flat-Panel Virtual Display

Touchscreens are great, but for many of us nothing beats old fashioned tactile controls. That seems to be one of the reasons why Lyndsay Williams of Girton Labs is in the process of developing SenseSurface-a system that allows users to stick working knobs to on-screen virtual controls. Apparently, the magnetic knobs… »7/15/08 6:40pm7/15/08 6:40pm

DJ4: Two-Source Mixer Has Two Big Knobs, Doesn't Go Up to 11

For some reason, that headline sounds just wrong, but whatever. Here's the Bird Electoron DJ-4, "the passive type micro mixer of power source unnecessary." In other words: Yes, it's from Japan and yes, it's a very simple passive mixer with two mini-stereo inputs and one output. The seller for me is the two big analog… »5/25/07 7:36am5/25/07 7:36am