Target Selling Knockoff Chargepods Branded Under Own Name?

A tipster tells us that Target's selling these "6 in 1 device charger" things at Target for $30, capable of charging six things at once. If that sounds familiar, it's because that's exactly what the Chargepod » 11/12/08 7:40pm 11/12/08 7:40pm does. In fact, this version is so "familiar" it even stole pages out of Callpod's user manual. What's even…

iPhone Breakout Knockoffs Being Nastygrammed By Atari

Programmers who made knockoffs of the Atari game Breakout » 9/18/08 8:20pm 9/18/08 8:20pm are getting nasty letters from the game developer to remove their apps from the iPhone App Store. So far touchArcade says , and have all been targeted, which is similar to the situation where the Tetris knockoff was also pulled due to the Tetris company. On…

USB Gadget Display is Like Vista Sideshow, but Supports Windows XP

When is Vista Sideshow not Vista Sideshow? When it does the same thing as Sideshow—display little widgets on an external device—but doesn't use Vista's Gadgets. The USB Gadget Display does look like a little 2-inch LCD display, which shows clocks and various other things like CPU and RAM usage (but mostly clocks)… » 3/19/08 8:00pm 3/19/08 8:00pm

"iPhone" Shaped Pocket Scale Should Win Over Drug Dealers

Hmmm. I wonder why a company would develop a digital pocket scale with a cover shaped like an iPhone knockoff? My guess is that they needed some sort of gimmick to catch the eye of their drug dealer clientele. After all, today's drug dealers have a wide range of choices when it comes to their pocket scales. Companies… » 1/21/08 11:22am 1/21/08 11:22am

New Chinese iPhone Knockoff Even More Brazen Than Meizu

Although Meizu has been stealing from the iPhone left and right, at least they have the courtesy to deny it. This other iPhone clone, however, makes no such attempt—they even plaster "Think Different" all over their ads. Check out the video after the jump, taken by geekmatica, to see what kind of tech you're getting… » 12/14/07 4:50pm 12/14/07 4:50pm