This Goofy Bird Just Defeated The Koch Brothers

This little guy is a thorn in the side of Big Energy and the Republican politicians that serve it. Why? It was able to unite hunters, ranchers, land owners, local politicians, the USDA, the Audubon Society, universities, and even ConocoPhillips to prevent it from being listed as Endangered. Which probably ensured its… »9/30/15 7:30pm9/30/15 7:30pm


Half of Anti-Net Neutrality Comments From "Shadowy" Koch Bros. Group

When the second round of the FCC's call for comments on net neutrality ended this past September, something seemed a little off. Sure, the 1.6 million submissions fell about a million short of the first round, but that wasn't the weird apart. This time, instead of the vast majority of comments arguing for net… »12/17/14 12:10pm12/17/14 12:10pm