14 Amateur Photos Taken With the Very First Consumer Camera

Kodak may be "a walking corpse of a company" according to some, but 120 years ago it was the first to offer consumers a chance to try out—and even own—a camera. Introduced in 1888, the Kodak No. 1 was the first camera marketed to average consumers. And thanks to a new set of images from the National Media Museum, we can… » 9/30/13 9:04am 9/30/13 9:04am

This Ancient Kodak Camera Let Photographers Sign Their Work

These days there's a mountain of extra data saved every time you snap a digital photo. So figuring out where and when a shot was taken requires minimal detective work. Back in the days of film it wasn't so easy, so Kodak built a camera in 1914 called the Autographic that let photographers sign and denote their shots… » 8/28/13 4:00pm 8/28/13 4:00pm

Apple and Google Are Reportedly Joining Forces To Buy $500 Million of…

It's not often that you hear that Apple and Google—both fighting for utter smartphone dominance—have teamed up on anything, but reports from Bloomberg say it's the case. And they're both going in on a half a billion dollars worth of Kodak patents. » 12/08/12 4:00pm 12/08/12 4:00pm

Kodak Had a Secret Nuclear Reactor Loaded With Enriched Uranium Hidden …

Kodak may be going under, but apparently they could have started their own nuclear war if they wanted, just six years ago. Down in a basement in Rochester, NY, they had a nuclear reactor loaded with 3.5 pounds of enriched uranium—the same kind they use in atomic warheads. » 5/13/12 11:33pm 5/13/12 11:33pm

Fallen Giant Kodak Is Taking Hosting Service Offline. For Good.

After being purchased by the photo-hosting site Shutterfly for $23.8m last month, Kodak Gallery, the photo-hosting service of one-time giant Kodak, will be taken offline for good, July 2. Users of the service were notified today by email, along with a request to please notify Kodak no later than May 28 if they wish to… » 5/07/12 11:00pm 5/07/12 11:00pm

Broke Kodak Will Halt All Camera Production

Just a few weeks after filing for bankruptcy, Kodak says it will stop producing digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and digital picture frames in the first half of 2012. The move will reportedly save Kodak $100 million a year. Instead, the legendary camera company will focus its efforts on printers. Sad. We really… » 2/09/12 10:03am 2/09/12 10:03am

The Last Photo Lab to Develop Kodachrome

Kodak's decision to stop producing Kodachrome film in 2009 left a hole in people's nostalgia-seeking hearts. This documentary short by Xander Robin takes us into Dwayne's Photo, the last remaining lab to develop the coveted film. It really shows how cumbersome and complex the process of developing film is/was, and why … » 2/08/12 7:40pm 2/08/12 7:40pm

Before the Cheap Digital Camera, There Was the Kodak FunSaver

Despite teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, Kodak will forever be legend. Slides! Kodachrome! Advantix! In the 2000s, they morphed into a maker of easy-to-use digital cameras and pocket camcorders. But looking back, there's one product more indelible than the others: the FunSaver. » 9/30/11 7:30pm 9/30/11 7:30pm