Kogan Agora, The Australian Android Phone, Delayed Indefinitely

Well shoot—the Kogan Agora, widely believed to become the next Android Handset (as well as Australia's first), is now delayed indefinitely. The reason: potential future compatibility issues with the smartphone's screen. » 1/16/09 2:11am 1/16/09 2:11am

Kogan Agora Played With, Makes Treos Look Silly

Despite its blurry focus and dodgy reflections, this video of the Kogan Agora—following yesterday's requisite in-the-wild fuzzy photos—is an official release. Poor production values aside, the Agora is looking puhhhrreeetyyy good. » 1/07/09 5:08am 1/07/09 5:08am

Chinese QIGI Android Phone Gets the Video Treatment

The brief, not-really-a-race for the second Android handset looks to have been decided as the Kogan Agora will be out next month (in Australia). But now QIGI has shot back with some actual footage of a working i6 phone. » 12/08/08 7:27am 12/08/08 7:27am