Kogan Agora Australian Android Phone Hands On Reveals It's Going Full…

Giz Australia played with that delayed Kogan Agora Android phone, and mostly liked it. Apparently, the final version will ditch QWERTY and go full touch, but if you wanna know how this abortion handles: [GizAU] » 2/23/09 12:20pm 2/23/09 12:20pm

Kogan Agora, The Australian Android Phone, Delayed Indefinitely

Well shoot—the Kogan Agora, widely believed to become the next Android Handset (as well as Australia's first), is now delayed indefinitely. The reason: potential future compatibility issues with the smartphone's screen. » 1/16/09 2:11am 1/16/09 2:11am

Kogan Agora Pro is the Next Android Handset

The Kogan Agora Pro has popped up in Australia as the latest Android handset and is available for international pre-order. The phone has a 2.5-inch resistive touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, 3G and GPS for $399. » 12/03/08 9:30pm 12/03/08 9:30pm