The Tallest Elevators On Earth Are Being Tested In an Old Mineshaft

Jeddah's Kingdom Tower will be taller than any other structure ever built. At more than one kilometer high, this supertall will require feats of engineering that, until now, have been the stuff of science fiction. Like the world's tallest, longest, and fastest elevators—which are being developed in a mine shaft in… » 6/09/14 3:02pm 6/09/14 3:02pm

The World's Biggest Hammerhead Crane Can Lift an Entire 747

Many of today's seafaring megastructures would be nigh on impossible to build without the lifting assistance provided by dockside cranes. And as we continue to build ever-bigger systems we'll need ever bigger cranes, like the gigantic hammerhead from Kone. » 1/22/14 1:40pm 1/22/14 1:40pm

A More Magical Metal Kone for Brewing Coffee

The coffee produced by Coava's Kone is different: a crazy hybrid that "gives you the control of a Chemex and the tannic cup you get from a French press," says the NYT's Oliver Strand. Now there's a newer, better Kone. » 6/16/11 3:20pm 6/16/11 3:20pm

A Magic Metal Kone for Brewing Coffee

The worst part about manual pourover coffee techniques—say, Chemex or a V60—are the paper filters you throw away after every single cup. Coava's photochemically etched metal Kone filter replaces them—and drastically changes the coffee at the same time. » 12/02/10 6:50pm 12/02/10 6:50pm

Dirt Devil Kone, Like a Functional Dunce Cap

This is a shocker. At first glance I presumed this extremely odd looking vacuum was simply a conceptual design, but I was wrong. This is the actual vacuum that is currently for pre-order at the Dirt Devil website for $50 in six fun colors. » 7/07/06 2:40pm 7/07/06 2:40pm