More About Buying a Printer Than You Possibly Wanted to Read

The bottom line of Bill Howard's epic consideration of a new color laser printer is that cheap printers can cost more over their lifetime than nicer, slightly pricier printers, so you might as well get a good one. [Gearlog] » 6/30/09 10:50am 6/30/09 10:50am

Konica Minolta Working on Thumbdrive-Sized Projector

It appears that Konica Minolta will take mini-projector » 11/19/08 1:43pm 11/19/08 1:43pm one-upsmanship to the next level with a new device that measures about 1.6 inches long, .79 inches wide, and only .3 inches thick—roughly the size of a smallish thumbdrive. When all is said and done, Konica believes that this new projector will be able to throw…

Konica Minolta C250 Pimps Your Bizhub

This is what happens when you give a hippie a screwdriver, a budget and a directive to redesign your office. Konica Minolta claims this prototype bizhub mish-mash will increase productivity and decrease stress levels, but if I had to stare at a psychedelic coffee pot slash retro lamp slash printerscannerfaxmachine… » 11/10/06 8:43am 11/10/06 8:43am

Sony Launches Alpha D-SLR Line

Thanks to the Konica-Minolta buy-out, Sony has all kinds of intellectual property to sort through. To that end, they're announcing the Alpha series of D-SLR cameras which will be compatible with Alpha, Maxxum and Dynax gear. » 4/20/06 6:20pm 4/20/06 6:20pm

Sony Up to Challenge in SLR Category

We told you last week about Konica Minolta giving up on camera-making and transferring assets of its SLR business to Sony, but we didn't know how serious Sony was about getting into the SLR game until now. Looks like the company is pointing to the outfield, Kevin Costner style, announcing its aim to pick up a quarter… » 1/23/06 8:08am 1/23/06 8:08am

Konica Minolta Takes Toys and Goes Home

Here's further evidence that camera makers aren't exactly flying high in the new digital age. Looks like the well-known camera maker Konica Minolta is announcing its withdrawal from the camera business on its own, having reached an agreement with Sony last year to jointly develop digital SLR cameras. So, by March 31… » 1/19/06 9:16am 1/19/06 9:16am

Canon, Konica-Minolta, Fujifilm, Sony, Puts Out Service Advisories

It happened quietly, but Canon, Konica-Minolta, Fujifilm, and Sony, have all published service advisories admitting that certain models of their digital cameras and digital camcorders are defective. Signs that this could be happening are blurry images and unnatural colors on the LCD display when the camera is in… » 10/11/05 12:48pm 10/11/05 12:48pm

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6

Konica Minolta has added a new camera to their lineup today; the DiMAGE Z6. It has 6 megapixels, 12x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, an "anti-shaking" system, Rapid AF with predictive focus control, and a short power-on and shutter-release time. The DiMAGE Z6 uses 4 AA batteries, and has a 2 inch LCD. Should come out… » 8/22/05 9:00am 8/22/05 9:00am

Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D

Minolta announced the new Maxxum 5D digital SLR camera. The 5D is a lighter version of their Maxxum 7D camera. What this means for the end user is that Nikon s D50 and Canon s 350D will have a little more competition, hopefully pushing prices down.
Anti-shake stabilizer, 6 megapixel CCD, 2.5 LCD and a glass fiber body… » 7/15/05 5:38pm 7/15/05 5:38pm