A Koozie That Keeps Your Beer Cold With Good Engineering 

Arriving just a day too late to keep your drinks cool during the big game, the folks from Yeti are back with another marvel of insulated engineering known as the Colster. Comparing it to those foam neoprene sleeves often referred to as Koozies is almost an insult, because the Colster is designed from the ground up to… »2/02/15 6:13pm2/02/15 6:13pm

Keep Your Beer Cold and Your Hand Warm With This Koozie-Like Thing Made of 100 Percent Patriotism

Nothing says 'Merica quite like a cold domestic beer. And nothing screams 'Merica!!!! at the top of its lungs quite like a cold domestic beer sitting in a koozie thing adorned with the stars and stripes of Old Glory herself, complete with an attached fingerless glove so you don't drop it amid drunken stumbles and… »1/28/13 12:35pm1/28/13 12:35pm