8 Images of Hyper-Modern South Korea Compared With Its Past

Korea has undergone rapid change over the last century, with Seoul metamorphosing from the first East Asian city to light its royal palace with electricity to arguably the most modern city in the world. Photographer Sungseok Ahn captured change by setting up a screen and projecting the old on top of the new. »4/15/14 9:20am4/15/14 9:20am

South Korea's Auto-Turret Can Kill a Man in the Dead of Night From Three Clicks

The 2.5-mile wide demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea is the most heavily contested stretch of land on the planet. And if the massive contingent of troops, tanks, bunkers, and land mines weren't enough of a trespassing deterrent, this eagle-eyed auto-targeting gun turret should do the trick. »10/29/12 11:30am10/29/12 11:30am

Bike Chains Welded into the Shape of Human Despair

The tightly-bound sculptures of Korean artist Yeong-Deok Seo are equally impressive and depressing. Impressive in that such detail and texture can be coaxed from something as ordinary as a bicycle chain. Depressing in that these pieces all appear anguished and include titles like Infection – Ego and Addict. Yeah, good… »11/10/11 11:20pm11/10/11 11:20pm