Watch as the RingBo Robot Atrophies the Muscles of Our Future Generations

We showed you the little lazy-kid-moving RingBo yesterday, and now we have a ludicrous video of it in action. Watch! As an adorable Korean toddler spins aimlessly in circles in a variety of outfits. Listen! To some of the most ridiculous music to be produced since the 1980s. Cringe! At the thought of parents dropping… »5/14/08 5:15pm5/14/08 5:15pm


Powernic Massager: Robotic Shiatsu Claw with a Vulcan Grip

It looks like a prop from the latest Dr. Who series, it clamps down with the deliberateness of a Vulcan, and it feels... well... not too bad. The Powernic finger-pressure massager is a pretty serious apparatus, and in the wrong hands it could probably do quite a bit of damage. Good thing there's a touch-sensitive… »5/14/08 4:45pm5/14/08 4:45pm

Can Mega Quake Prime Weight-Loss Rump Shaker Transform Your Body?

Exercising is a pain in the ass. Wouldn't it be great if something moved it for you? We've seen machines sorta like the Mega Quake Prime before, which promise to do all the hard work for you and just shake the calories off. I definitely felt something tweaking in my lower back—I'm sure it was just my pride the fat… »5/14/08 3:00pm5/14/08 3:00pm

Soundwalk Vest Ears On: The Camo Makes Me Invisible, Right?

Unlike Sony's space headphones, which made you look like a doofus, but actually sounded great, the Soundwalk speaker vest offers no such payoff. The sound is tinny, and it's far from personal—I assaulted people near and far with a shallow, bass-less rendition Fastball's "The Way." The worst part? The guy told us the… »5/14/08 2:00pm5/14/08 2:00pm

Ears-On EX2 Force Feedback Headphones: My Ears Feel Funny

We knew we were in for good things from any company called iFeelU. Their EX2 2.2-channel body-sonic earphones promise to deliver a "home theater in your ears" with real force feedback using a second pair of conduction speakers on the back. For explosions and other big booms, these things are surprisingly great, with… »5/14/08 12:52pm5/14/08 12:52pm

Totally Bizarre Video Heralds Koreannovation Gadget Show In NYC Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the debut of Koreannovation, the Korea Trade Show in NYC which runs through Thursday. Registration is free (but I think you need to do it in advance). Want to know what kinds of wacky stuff will be there? Watch the insane mashup vid above, mixed by Eclectic Method, veteran masters who have worked for… »5/13/08 12:00pm5/13/08 12:00pm