How to prepare and eat live octopus without choking to death

The first time I saw someone eating a live octopus was in the movie Old Boy and I thought it was just a far too gross scene made up by its creators. But later I learnt it's an actual Korean dish, a rather dangerous one because if you don't prepare it properly, the tentacles can stick to your throat and kill you. »12/11/14 10:18pm12/11/14 10:18pm


South Koreans Discover 'True Blue' Material for Better OLED Screens

OLED screens are pretty awesome all around, but they have more than a few Achilles Heels to overcome before they're accepted into the mainstream. That said, one of the hurdles has allegedly fallen this weekend, thanks to new research out of South Korea. According to the AP, South Korean scientists have developed an… »11/23/08 7:00pm11/23/08 7:00pm

Low-End Korean GPS is Basically High-End 7-Inch Screen PMP, for $190

The normally navigation-focused guys over at Navigadget »8/15/08 9:40am8/15/08 9:40am have spotted something interesting: The "low end" Easycar U7 GPS system heading for Korean drivers at the moment is basically a pretty high-end media player with a 7-inch touchscreen. As well as helping you navigate, the 0.75-inch deep gizmo plays audio and video…

Coway's Daan Air Purifier Freshens a Room While Freshening a Room

These Daan air purifiers from Coway are some of the best looking air purifiers we've ever seen. The ones we've had are like Danny Trejo: workmanlike in its ability to get the job done, but very very ugly. The Daans are the opposite of ugly, and can cover a 161 sq. ft. room with a single unit, or more if you stack a… »8/07/08 5:20pm8/07/08 5:20pm

Hardbox External Hard Drive Hides Your Illiteracy With a Book Called Hardbox

This Hardbox enclosure from Korean company Sarotech looks even more book-like than the Western Digital MyBook drives that have been around for a few years. There are two status indicator lights on the front, behind which sits 3.5-inch SATA drives that connect to your PC via USB. It's great for hiding the fact that you… »5/12/08 6:10pm5/12/08 6:10pm

iRiver M10 and D5 Players Bring Glossy Black Back in Fashion

Set to be revealed at SEK in Korea, the iRiver M10 and D5 both have a glossy black look found in other players like the iRiver Clix 2 (but not in the MPlayer). The M10 will be a navigation-centric device, with a gigantic knob on the right and a DMB tuner, which probably means it's going to stay put in Korean waters… »6/14/07 2:30pm6/14/07 2:30pm