The Future of Oculus Rift, According to the Man Who Invented It

If anyone knows what's going to happen to virtual reality it's Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR and inventor of the Oculus Rift. So I asked him. » 8/15/14 11:00am 8/15/14 11:00am

How Osama bin Laden Was Found

In this age of GPS signals, Foursquare check-ins, and iPhone tracking, how did America's most-wanted man, Osama bin Laden, stay hidden for almost a decade? A better question would ask how he was found, for that is the reason the world is rejoicing today. » 5/02/11 5:00am 5/02/11 5:00am

Toys With Swappable Parts Use Augmented Reality For Different…

These are so cute—much cuter than the Halfsies from a few years ago. The addition of augmented reality means each toy—or Suwappu, as they've been called—interacts with its environment differently, depending on which body part is attached. » 4/06/11 7:00am 4/06/11 7:00am

Book People Random House Teams Up With Games People THQ For Ebook and…

This will be one of those behemoth marriages where everyone benefits—a little like Brangelina, and we're all the adopted kids. Ebooks, graphic novels and online/console/phone games are expected to come out of the partnership, which will see books spinning out of successful game titles. » 4/04/11 3:50am 4/04/11 3:50am

Turn That iPhone Into a Game Boy Camera

Everyone had a friend whose parents bought him everything—including a Game Boy Camera, which could take photos in that lovely pixellated look, and even print them out instantly if they'd sprung for a printer too. Now you can throw two fingers your friend's way, because for $1 you can shoot photos in the exact same… » 3/31/11 7:00am 3/31/11 7:00am

Final Fantasy III Is The Best And Most Expensive Final Fantasy On The…

Final Fantasy III was released in 1990 in Japan for the Famicom, not to be confused with North America's Final Fantasy III, which was actually Final Fantasy VI in Japan. Final Fantasy III introduced many new features to the franchise… [ Kotaku » 3/28/11 5:20pm 3/28/11 5:20pm]

Paper Train Is Fight Control For Dummies

Anyone that's played the iPhone classic Fight Control knows that the joy in that game comes from the wondrous chaos generated by the twisting flight paths drawn by shaking fingers in order to avoid deadly mid-air collisions. In Paper Train… [ Kotaku » 3/23/11 5:20pm 3/23/11 5:20pm]

Your Android Phone Can Now Be a 3DS AR Card

3DS AR Cards is a free app, which gives you digital versions of all the new Nintendo handheld's augmented reality cards. So rather than carrying the things around with you, you can just whip out your phone and use its onboard versions instead. » 3/23/11 11:00am 3/23/11 11:00am

Death Rally's Return Remains a Must Play

The original was released for computers back in 1996 and published by Apogee as a top-down perspective racing game with guns. In the original (now available for free) you started out with a $500-or-so VW Beetle and competed in armed… [ Kotaku » 3/23/11 10:30am 3/23/11 10:30am]

Overkill Will Keep Shooting Until The Money Runs Out

It's a pretty arcade shooter, one that makes as good a use of the iPhone's touch screen as it can with a "floating gun" control scheme, which uses virtual joystick to aim and has you shaking the phone to reload… [ Kotaku » 3/23/11 7:00am 3/23/11 7:00am]

Nintendo Doesn’t Want "Garage Developers," Drawing A Line That Puts…

Sharpening a divide between the version of the games industry they like and the version in which they don't want to participate, Nintendo has stated that it doesn't want to work with "garage" developers. » 3/21/11 10:40pm 3/21/11 10:40pm

Industrial Designer Dates New Xbox For 2015

The online portfolio of industrial designer Ben Peterson lists all sorts of projects he's worked on or is working. One of those is apparently the next Xbox. » 3/21/11 10:19am 3/21/11 10:19am

KartRider Rush Is a Fun, Free Mario Kart for your iPhone

KartRider is a web-game phenomenon, played by more than 200 million players, including a third of South Korea. So how is it on the iPhone? Pretty great.… [ Kotaku » 3/18/11 1:30pm 3/18/11 1:30pm]

Rainbow Six Infiltrates the iPhone for $7

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series and its squad-based shooter action is finally on the iPhone with Gameloft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, complete with three-player online co-op play. There are terrorists to kill (of course!) and character classes. [Kotaku] » 3/17/11 1:47pm 3/17/11 1:47pm

Land-A Panda Is A Cannon-Based Cure For The Common Sad Panda

Big Pixel Studios may have just cost me a job at the local zoo, but its heart was in the right place. With a nod to games like Donkey Kong Country, Land-A Panda is a game about shooting a cannonball-shaped… [ Kotaku » 3/14/11 5:20pm 3/14/11 5:20pm]

Gaming Giants Giving Millions For Earthquake Relief

Countless lives were destroyed late last Friday after an earthquake and tsunami ravaged the country. The clean up process is underway, and the biggest names in gaming are doing what they can.… [ Kotaku » 3/14/11 8:00am 3/14/11 8:00am]

Pokémon Company Squashes Twitter Rumor of Creator's Death [Update]

A spokesman for the Pokémon Company said all employees, including Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri, are alive and safe following Thursday's tremendous earthquake in Japan, specifically rebutting a widespread rumor that Tajiri had died in the disaster.… [ Kotaku » 3/13/11 11:34am 3/13/11 11:34am]

Philips Takes Pity and Does a Passive 21:9 Gold Series 3DTV for Cheaper…

You may be sold on active 3DTVs being better than passive, but there's no denying the latter's glasses are much much cheaper than active shutter frames. Adding to last year's active 21:9 3DTV launch, Philips' 50-inch Gold Series TV converts 2D to 3D. There's also a nifty gaming feature, where dual-player games are… » 3/08/11 5:40am 3/08/11 5:40am

This Is Why Xbox Live Avatars Are Cartoon-y, Not Creepy

Xbox's Avatar Kinect is pretty wild: It tracks and replicates your facial expressions with surprising precision. Which probably made you think about having a more realistic Avatar reppin' yourself owning up 12-year-olds in Halo, or something. But Microsoft Research's Photo-Real Talking Head project, which uses 2D… » 2/25/11 2:00am 2/25/11 2:00am