Apple Yanks Games With Confederate Flags From App Store

Pop quiz: you’re in charge of a giant digital game store, and suddenly there’s a controversy revolving around how and when people display the U.S. Confederate flag. Do you A) do nothing; B) assess all of your games on a case-by-case basis; or C) remove games that show the flag in any way? » 6/25/15 1:58pm 6/25/15 1:58pm

The Six Most Interesting Games I Played On E3 Day One, Ranked

At its worst, E3 is like a restaurant where the chef makes you watch a video of the meal he intends to make and then asks you to come back next year when it’s ready. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the chef will prepare a sample of the food and then let you watch him eat it, so you can observe how delicious it is.
» 6/17/15 7:46pm 6/17/15 7:46pm

Call of Duty DLC Now Coming To PlayStation First, Xbox Waits

Call of Duty: Black Ops III wasn’t at Microsoft’s press conference, where the series has debuted for years. How come? It was at Sony’s event, and Microsoft’s DLC deal appears to have swapped hands. DLC is premiering first on PlayStation 4. This is only good news for Sony, not gamers. » 6/15/15 11:40pm 6/15/15 11:40pm