Motorola Prizm Gives Diet Advice

Motorola's new touchscreen Motoprizm in Korea that appears to be a takeoff on the Krave—albeit with a few tweaks. Oddly enough, word is that the device also gives daily diet and lifestyle suggestions. » 12/19/08 7:20pm 12/19/08 7:20pm

The Moto Kraver Strikes at Gizmodo

Yesterday, Joel at BoingBoing Gadgets discovered » 11/26/08 10:30am 11/26/08 10:30am a very aggressive, um, "fan" of the Motorola Krave trolling their comments for the last couple of weeks. Turns out, he's a , and Lifehacker (and ) too! Did you know that the Krave matches perfectly with a sports car and ? It sucks the power out of the shill to actually