Fantastically edited video combines Hitchcock and Kubrick films into one world (NSFW)

Two masters of film get mashed up in what has to be the trippiest way possible. Jimmy Stewart wanders a world that combines elements from both Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick movies in this really well edited clip. We see Stewart run into Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shining and walk through 2001 and more.… »10/23/15 1:27am10/23/15 1:27am


Making the poster of The Shining was as intense as the movie itself

It's quite interesting to see the back and forth between two creative geniuses like Stanley Kubrick and Saul Bass working on the movie poster of The Shining. It wasn't an easy one for Bass, thanks to Kubrick's infamous obsessive perfectionism. The poster went through 300 versions before getting final approval. »8/08/14 10:05pm8/08/14 10:05pm

Daft Punk Bearbricks: Musicians and Robots and Bears...Oh My!

ToysREvil has the scoop on a limited edition pair of Daft Punk Bearbricks, meant to coincide with the release of Daft Punk's Alive 2007 CD. Medicom will release 3000 of these toys on December 5, package them with a copy of the CD and sell it for 5250 Yen ($48), presumably in Japan. The Bearbricks also come housed in a… »11/25/07 10:50pm11/25/07 10:50pm

Star Wars Kubrick Toys Take It Back To The Origins of Star Wars

I love these Star Wars Kubricks because I have a soft spot for cult toy makers that work with big franchises. The characters for this series were taken from Episodes I-III, and feature the likes of Qui-Gon Jinn, naked C-3PO, and Anakin Skywalker before he grew a rat tail and allowed his hormonally raging manhood to… »9/24/07 8:15pm9/24/07 8:15pm