Mitsubishi LaserVue vs. Pioneer Kuro Plasma: The High-End Throwdown

The dudes over at The Tech Lounge sat down for a real-world—not canned—comparison of Mitsubishi's cutting-edge, 65-inch LaserVue HDTV with the current reigning champ, Pioneer's 60-inch Kuro plasma set. Does Mitsubishi's fancy new tech really make for a better high-def experience? The tests show, at the very least,… »10/18/08 1:45pm10/18/08 1:45pm

New Pioneer 50-inch, 60-inch Plasma TVs Show Off Deep, Deep Blacks

Pioneer introduced two new plasma TVs with panels designed for incredibly deep blacks at an industry event in Tokyo. Are these the same Kuro gen 2 panels that are currently shipping in the US? Or are they the even better ones we saw in prototype form at CES? The guys at Akihabara News were able to check out the… »9/11/08 2:45am9/11/08 2:45am

Panasonic's 65VX100U Premiere Kuro-Killing Plasma Reviewed (Verdict: Best Flat Panel to Date)

Just yesterday we got our first taste of Panasonic's new TH-65VX100U plasma technology, which features specs that meet or exceed Pioneer's Kuro. Our initial impressions were extremely positive, but Gary at HD Guru managed to get his hands on an early production sample for a closer look, and he too was impressed. In… »9/05/08 5:52pm9/05/08 5:52pm

Pioneer Gen 2 Kuro Elite PRO-111FD Plasma Reviewed: New King of TVs, If You Got the Ransom

Last week we saw Panasonic's latest 50-inch TH-50PZ850U posing a serious challenge to the long-enshrined King of All TVs, the Pioneer Kuro plasma. But now our buddy Gary at HD Guru put the all-new second-gen Kuro 50-incher, the Kuro Elite PRO-111FD, up against the potential throne-usurping Panasonic 850. The verdict?… »7/07/08 1:45pm7/07/08 1:45pm

Panasonic THX Display Certified Viera TH-50PZ800U New King of Plasmas (for Now)

After months of reigning as the best TVs on the planet, Pioneer's Kuro is finally challenged for the throne by Panasonic's THX Display-certified Viera TH-50PZ800U. It's the THX mode that gives it the edge, with its superior color accuracy and uniformity making it "one of the best-performing plasmas" Cnet has tested,… »5/28/08 8:10pm5/28/08 8:10pm

Pioneer Kuro 2008 First Impressions: New Thin Plasma and Projector Beat All

Today we took a look at the Kuro 2G plasma compared to the 1G and others. We also had a look at the JVC-made projector that Pioneer is branding Kuro Elite. The hype—if not the price—seems totally worth it. But instead of trying to tell you how much I enjoyed the display of in-yer-face contrast comparison, take a look… »5/07/08 12:29pm5/07/08 12:29pm

Pioneer's 2008 Kuro Line: Thinner Blacker Plasmas and an LCOS Projector But No LCDs

Today Pioneer is revealing its official 2008 Kuro TV lineup for the US. As we expected from European announcements, it includes second-generation Kuro plasmas—thinner, with five-times-deeper black levels than the first critically acclaimed Kuro plasma—and a Kuro-branded LCOS projector originally developed by JVC.… »5/07/08 9:00am5/07/08 9:00am

Confirmed: Panasonic and Pioneer Teaming Up for Plasma Panels

When Pioneer announced it was going to stop making its own plasma panels and outsource them to another company, informed speculation was that they were buddying up with Panasonic. A press conference earlier today confirmed that's the case, and Kuro will use the same Neo PDP panels that are going into Panasonic's… »4/24/08 11:31am4/24/08 11:31am

Pioneer Giving Kuro Brand to LCD TVs and LCOS Projectors

Pigs officially fly today: Plasma king Pioneer has announced their LCD lineup for Europe, and yep, they're getting the coveted Kuro distinction (equivalent to a "best TV on earth" badge) as is the already released KRF-9000FD LCOS projector. The 1080p LCD sets are on the smaller side (leaving big boy TVs to plasma) in… »4/08/08 2:21pm4/08/08 2:21pm

Pioneer's 2nd Gen Kuro Plasma HDTVs Revealed... in Europe

We can't totally figure this out, but we're trying: Pioneer Europe just promised to ship second-generation Kuro plasmas as early as June, yep TVs stated by the company to be five times better than the "best TV ever," the current Kuro plasmas. Pioneer US says that it will be announcing plasmas soon, but that its lineup… »4/08/08 2:13pm4/08/08 2:13pm

Mitsubishi Kuro-Killer LaserVue TV Arriving Late Summer (New Best TV Ever?)

Mitsubishi's Laser TV stunned us back at CES (though the booze-filled nightclub filled with half-naked dancing girls might have skewed our, um, vision). Apparently, it's gotten even better, like better than the best TV on earth better. HD Guru says that the LaserVue set popped colors that were "the most vivid of any… »4/07/08 12:50pm4/07/08 12:50pm

How Pioneer Is Keeping World's Best TV Secret Sauce (Mostly) Secret

Click to view Pioneer's Kuro plasma sets are the best TVs on the market, right now, bar none. So it was a little disconcerting to hear that they're officially quitting plasma panel production and outsourcing it. We just talked with Russ Johnston, Pioneer's Executive VP of Marketing and Product Planning for Home… »3/07/08 3:55pm3/07/08 3:55pm