IOGEAR PCPortal Lets You Remotely Control Your Parents' Computer via Hardware KVM

Remotely connecting to your parents' computer to show them how to send email or file their taxes is fine if everything's working correctly, but how about when there's some sort of hardware or operating system error? IOGear's PCPortal actually bypasses the issue entirely by being a hardware solution that hooks directly… »3/11/08 3:00pm3/11/08 3:00pm

Belkin SOHO KVM Looks Nice, Switches One Monitor Between Four Computers

The Pitch: Belkin's SOHO KVM, which allows you to plug in a DVI or VGA monitor and four different machines to swap between workstations without showing your plumber's crack to everyone. $159.
The Catch: It doesn't look like it's from 1995, which is more than we can say for just about every other KVM we've ever seen. »1/06/08 10:35pm1/06/08 10:35pm