Are Two Tablet Screens Really Better Than One?

Sony announced their dual-screened S2 tablet today. It's not the only twin-screen tablet, but considering recent ill-conceived efforts from the likes of Acer, Toshiba and Kyocera, we're a little skeptical. With the S2, Sony's basically cut a 10-inch screen in half and stuck a hinge in between. How much of a benefit… » 4/26/11 11:38am 4/26/11 11:38am

Kyocera's Double-Headed Echo Phone Is Mutant Without the Super

The Kyocera Echo is the strangest phone I've ever seen. Inside, it's just mundane—but on the outside, it's a batshit bizarre, morphing, dual screen stab at DS form with iPad function. It fails at both. It's freakishly bad. » 2/07/11 6:30pm 2/07/11 6:30pm

Kyocera's Dual-Screen Android Echo Phone Confirmed On Sprint's Website

Looks like the WSJ was on to something after all; Sprint's website confirms the existence of the dual-screen, Android-packing Kyocera Echo. It'll apparently pivot open to 4.7 inches of display real estate, which doesn't sound so big, does it? No more details at the moment, but hopefully David Blaine will be pulling… » 2/07/11 3:36pm 2/07/11 3:36pm

Tonight's Sprint Surprise: A Dual-Screen Android Phone?

Sprint's hosting a big ol' magic party tonight in NYC, with special drowsy-eyed guest David Blaine helping introduce "another industry first." According to the WSJ, that means a dual-screen Android handset from Kyocera. » 2/07/11 12:14pm 2/07/11 12:14pm