Eco-Friendly BamGoo Car Is Meal on Wheels For Pandas

Researchers at Kyoto University recently displayed an eco-friendly electric car made almost entirely out of bamboo, one of the fastest growing materials available. The single-seat “BamGoo” weighs about 130 pounds, can only run about 30 miles on a charge, and probably won't pass any safety tests, but it sure is cute!… » 11/04/08 4:15am 11/04/08 4:15am

Multiple Speech Recognition To Make Sex Dolls More Fun

Kyoto University and the Honda Research Institute Japan have collaborated to form the Robot Audition Project. They are at present making some very impressive ground; they have developed an advanced speech recognition technology that has the capability to understand multiple, unique speech inputs, whilst computing… » 7/29/07 10:45am 7/29/07 10:45am