McGraw-Hill Still In Deep Denial Over iPad Leak

Remember when McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw confirmed the iPad—and its OS—a day early on national television? And then Apple pointedly left them out of the presentation? Well, McGraw-Hill doesn't! No sir, never happened at all. » 1/28/10 3:06pm 1/28/10 3:06pm

Samsung 8500 Series Local-Dimming LED TVs Have a Sweet Base

Yeah, the 8500 series is Samsung's first set of LED-backlit LCDs with local dimming this year and has the Yahoo widget engine for streaming video, but all I really care about is that awesome looking blue stick holding it up. » 7/30/09 9:30am 7/30/09 9:30am

Man on the Street: Are Normal People Looking Forward to Leopard?

Our man Richard Blakeley went down to the Apple store and interrogated New Yorkers about the new OS (huh? Apple's got a new OS?). It seems that people actually know about Leopard, even though they're not exactly sure what it does. We just hope the new FEEENDER improvements help that poor man with his FEEENDER. Video by … » 10/26/07 5:00pm 10/26/07 5:00pm