A Peek at 2015's Smartest Smart Cars (Which Are Still Not So Smart)

Here’s the driver’s dream: A vehicle that sends us where we want to go, plays the music we want to hear, and allows us to communicate (within reason) with the outside world, all with minimal distraction. It’s the vision of the connected car, and it’s a promise many automakers hope to deliver for 2015. »11/25/14 12:06pm11/25/14 12:06pm

This Touch Screen Car Interior Is A Realistic Vision Of The Near Future

Today at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi showed off a big, sleek coupe called the Audi Prologue that will be the source of all their future designs. But as good as the Prologue looks, the real story might just be inside. What does that concept say about the future of car interiors? »11/20/14 11:39am11/20/14 11:39am

Mini E Electric Car Perfect For Al Gore Remake of Italian Job

At the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, BMW will unveil a fleet of all-electric Minis. Dubbed the "Mini E," the car will run on a 150kW motor juiced by an automotive lithium-ion battery that will give it a range of 150 miles. The cute little golf cart »10/19/08 9:00am10/19/08 9:00am real grown-up car will come in a limited run of 500, available to…

Mitsubishi Plans Ferocious MMR25 Rally Racer for Year 2025

In the year 2025, a scant 17 years from now, all cars will be electric. But according to Mitsubishi's entry into the LA Auto Show's latest design challenge, some will even tear up the Salt Flats, looking like bionic insects with the cruelest of intentions. Each wheel of the proposed MMR25 Rally Racer gets eight little… »9/26/08 10:30pm9/26/08 10:30pm