A 3D-Printed Hamburger Would Cost You $300,000

Making fake meat in a lab sure isn't easy, but 3D printing promises to revolutionize the process. The only downside: a 3D-printed hamburger will set you back $300,000. » 1/21/13 8:50am 1/21/13 8:50am

Lab-Grown Meat: It's What's For Dinner

In this week's New Yorker, Michael Specter takes a great look at the world of in-vitro meat—grown in a lab, outside an animal body. It's not a matter of if, but when. Will you eat it? » 5/21/11 12:40am 5/21/11 12:40am

Scientists Grow Pork Meat in a Lab, Annoying PETA People To Disappear…

Scientists in the Netherlands have successfully synthesized some real-deal pork meat without having to kill any pigs. Sure, it's not quite edible yet, but they predict you'll be eating labmeat in a mere five years. » 11/30/09 2:12pm 11/30/09 2:12pm