Braun Pulsonic—Closest Electric Shave Ever?

The last time I went hands-on with a grooming device I was trying to grow hair. As life would have it, this time I'm trying to shave it with Braun's new Pulsonic razor. The $239 machine claims it gives the closest shave you can get from an electric razor. How'd it do? Coming from a guy who's been wet-shaving all his… » 5/24/07 7:20pm 5/24/07 7:20pm

Lab Rat: HairMax Laser Comb Final Results

Okay, so technically it's been over a month (6 weeks plus a few days) since I started using the HairMax laser comb. I started back on March 23rd and did my final sweep this past Wed. The results? Well, as you can see there are none. My hair has grown, yes, but only from the sides and that's because I haven't had a… » 5/04/07 11:30am 5/04/07 11:30am