Every Egg Should Have Nutritional Facts Printed On Its Shell

This egg had its nutritional facts printed on its shell by an Eggbot (a machine that prints stuff on ping pong balls, eggs, and other ball-shaped objects) and holy moly there's 71% of your daily value of cholesterol in one egg? Anyway! This is genius. I'd approve of printed-on nutritional facts for everything. Fruits,… »3/22/11 4:20pm3/22/11 4:20pm

Spotify Just Signed Another Major Label, Now Halfway to US Domination

AllThingsD is reporting that EMI Music has just signed a deal with Spotify. Counting Spotify's previous deal with Sony, the awesometastic music service now has two of the four major record labels locked up. The other two? Warner, who has said nice things about Spotify before, and Universal, who happens to be the… »2/17/11 3:15pm2/17/11 3:15pm

Audio Engineer: Metallica's Latest Album Sounds Better on Vinyl

Ian Shepherd, the same Mastering Engineer that claimed Metallica's latest album sounds better on Guitar Hero III »10/17/08 7:20pm10/17/08 7:20pm, has and said that even the vinyl version sounds better than the CD. Keep in mind that the heavily distorted tracks on the album are the result of an editing process that sacrifices dynamic range for an…

Microsoft Zune: Paying off the Industry One Label at a Time

It appears Microsoft has struck a deal with Universal Music giving them a portion of the sales from every Zune they sell. This undermines the traditional strategy created by Apple where music labels received money from song downloads, and not player sales. Microsoft has also said that similar offers are on the table… »11/09/06 1:57pm11/09/06 1:57pm