Are You Kidding Me With This "Lady-Friendly" Science Video?

Come on. Did anyone actually think this video—which looks convincingly like an outtake from any CoverGirl commercial ever—could possibly work to encourage women to pursue careers in science? Really? Really? The scientist in the video is a man! And at one point a high-heeled shoe takes up the entire frame. Like a… »6/28/12 12:50am6/28/12 12:50am

Japanese DVD Program Teaches Confidence By Staring At Women For 96 Minutes

Continuing our weirdness from Japan theme, a company called Avex has just released a DVD that teaches men to be more confident by staring at 50 different women for an hour and a half. Most Japanese men do this already, but instead of the women being in various states of undress, these women are just plain staring… »6/06/08 3:45pm6/06/08 3:45pm

Just Wanna Do Something Special, For the Laydeez of Computex

Dilemma of the day: Blam has been asking us to keep an eye on the tone of the site recently, saying that we need to be more highbrow. However, there doesn't seem to be much happening in mundo gadgeto. Although there is this delightful gallery of booth babes at Computex. So, to keep you guys happy, and to keep Blam… »6/04/08 8:30am6/04/08 8:30am

Italian Perv Professor Claims Ultrasound Can Hunt Out the G-Spot

A professor from the University of L'Aquila in Italy says has discovered a clue which may point the way to the fabled G-Spot—or at least prove that some lucky ladies have it, while others don't. Emmanuele Janini's findings (he scanned 20 women, 11 who experienced vaginal orgasms and nine who didn't, with a vaginal… »2/21/08 12:17pm2/21/08 12:17pm