An Incomplete List of Discussion Topics from the Forums of Lady Gaga's New Social Network

Mother Monster Lady Gaga launched the beta version of her own social network,, back in May. Now, the free-to-join social networking site is open to the public, allowing fans of the performer to connect and communicate in discussion forums, share news items, and post Gaga-related items in a… »7/10/12 12:40am7/10/12 12:40am

Some Guy Pranked YouTube Into Taking Down Justin Bieber's Official Videos Because of a Fake Copyright Claim

YouTube is big fat no fun having missy when it comes to copyright rules. They're so afraid of pissing somebody off (and getting a lawsuit) that they'll even pull official videos now. Like today, when a prankster submitted a copyright claim against Justin Bieber's Vevo and YouTube took down his page. »9/01/11 7:40pm9/01/11 7:40pm

Now Lady Gaga is Suing the Breast Milk Icecreamists Over "Baby Gaga" Name

Turns out Lady Gaga has some modicum of taste, as she's suing the London icecream parlor for using her name and likeness when selling their "Baby Gaga" breast milk icecream. Talk about kicking a man when he's done—they've only just withdrawn the dessert after health and safety concerns. [Evening Standard] »3/04/11 7:20am3/04/11 7:20am