The Oculus Rift's Newest Trick: Adding Lag to Real Life

Lag is the worst. Anyone who has ever used technology can tell you that first hand. But what if your whole world lagged. With the Oculus Rift you can find out. Spoilers: It sucks. » 4/28/14 12:23pm 4/28/14 12:23pm

Eliminate Touchscreen Lag From the Surface With This Tiny Hack

Now that hackers have sunk their teeth well and truly into the Microsoft Surface RT, loads of things are being probed, including lag. Apparently, with a tiny registry edit, you can speed up the Surface RT no end and eliminate touch lag. Here's how. » 1/14/13 7:32am 1/14/13 7:32am

What If Lag Seeped Into Real Life?

Nothing makes a video game experience quite so annoying as latency. But what if that lag seeped into your everyday life? Well, this—a hilarious animated short from Guy Collins of "The Scrollwheel" fame. Honestly, this is how I feel pretty much every morning until my second (third?) cup of coffee. [Reddit via … » 3/09/11 5:40pm 3/09/11 5:40pm

ABT DVDO iScan VP20 and VP30 Solve HDTV Lag Problem for Console Gamers

No matter how fast your twitch reflex, lag has always been a problem with gaming, and now it's even more so with the advent of HDTV. When you're playing a gaming console through an HDTV, it just takes too long for the HDTV to process incoming images without unacceptable lag that ruins your gaming. Here's the best… » 7/14/06 12:49pm 7/14/06 12:49pm