No One Knows Why Deep, Dangerous Holes Are Appearing In This Sand Dune

One summer day last July, a six-year-old boy was walking across a dune when he disappeared, falling into a deep, narrow hole in the sand. This and two other holes that have since appeared at Indiana's Mount Baldy are unlike anything scientists have seen before—it could be an entirely new geological phenomenon. » 4/28/14 6:30pm 4/28/14 6:30pm

Giant ice balls in Lake Michigan look like dirty alien eggs hatching

It's cold out there, guys. So cold that lakes are so frozen that they look like they're from the Moon. So cold that freaking grounds explode. But now that it's a little less cold, the ice is melting from our frigid Earth and forming giant ice balls in our lakes. Here is the balls on Lake Michigan, the way they move… » 1/08/14 10:09pm 1/08/14 10:09pm