Some of Canada's Lakes Are Turning Into Jelly Thanks to Acid Rain

It's a real bummer to hear that 150 years of industrialization wrecked the Earth so bad that it'll take thousands to recover. It's a much bigger bummer to see the situation in real life. That's exactly what's happening in a large number of Canada's lakes, which are turning into jelly thanks to acid rain. »11/19/14 11:53am11/19/14 11:53am

Epic Blob Jump Proves That Fun and Adventure Aren't Without Consequences

This video shows a girl getting absolutely launched into the air from an inflatable "blob" on a lake. She lies on one end, while what has got to be a much larger man jumps down onto the other. It looks like both the most fun thing ever as well as one of the most painful when she lands. Where can I get me one of these?… »7/30/08 2:00pm7/30/08 2:00pm